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Despite all the Changes, it is Still Fall in Preschool.

The first week in September is generally my favorite week of the year. It’s full of frantic energy, excitement, and the promise of new beginnings. While the elementary school starts their first week of classes, this week is the preschool’s week to connect with families and give the children time to meet their teachers before they begin school. In a typical year the teachers leave the school building and visit the children and their families at their homes where they start the relationship building process in a space that is comfortable for the families. This is an important part of our program and it gives the children gentle start to the program year and sends a clear message to the families that we are partners in the learning process.

Because of the pandemic, we are unable to visit the families’ homes this fall. As we thought about how we would start the program this year, we knew we wanted to find a way to keep these individual family meetings in a way that felt safe to the staff and families. We decided to schedule visits that would take place inside the school. Every staff member and family would mask up, make sure they weren’t sick, and we would make sure that the amount of people in the building was limited to allow for physical distancing. On Tuesday morning I waiting with anticipation not knowing how this would all work. Well, I shouldn’t have worried. Our amazing staff and wonderful families didn’t disappoint! Everyone participated in the new health precautions with grace and humor and the families and teachers set the foundation for the relationships needed for learning.

There was laughter in the school again. There were excited children saying hi to their teachers again. There were families catching up with each other again. There was life in the building again! Yes, everyone stood farther apart than we usually would and we didn’t get the many hugs we usually get, but the conversations and connections continued.

Families, we are grateful for you and your trust in us as partners in your children’s learning. Thank you for trusting us and sticking with us as we create our rhythms and patterns for this unusual year. -Ms. Megan


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