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Meet a Home Visitor

I’ve been sharing stories from our (usually) in person early childhood program and how we are adapting to providing services for home learning virtually. Well, did you know that we also have a family outreach program that provides in-home services all the time? Today’s post is written by one of our home visitors, Ms. Grace, keep reading to find out more about this program!

Hello and happy fall! My name is Grace Kim and I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you and share what I do. I have been working as a Home Visitor for Asian Human Services since January. Our Home Visiting program is for families and their children ages 0-5. My program is funded by Head Start; therefore, I work specifically with children ages 3-5. I meet with families one-on-one once a week and provide educational and supportive services. My goal as a Home Visitor is to partner with parents in the big task of raising children. I ensure that the activities we do together are age appropriate and supportive of the child’s growth and development to best prepare them for preschool, kindergarten, and beyond. I spend some time together with the child with activities to encourage child mastery. Afterwards, I encourage parent involvement and observe how the child and parent interact together. Every activity is intended to be replicated in the home so that they can continue them throughout the week. At the end of my visit, I dialogue with the parent about their child. I listen to their challenges and achievements and listen to hear what changes they have seen in their child. It is a beautiful thing to see parents growing confident in themselves and hearing them cheerfully share their milestones. On a monthly basis, the Home Visiting program provides supplies such as diapers, books, various learning materials or household needs. We also provide intimate socialization opportunities to promote additional learning and for families to build their network in the community. Additionally, I provide connections to various resources in the community. I listen to their needs, not only regarding their child’s development, but regarding housing, adult education, employment, medical care, social services, etc. Our engagement with families will maintain virtual until home visits are safe to do, but despite that, the support provided to our families will remain unchanging. I am here as a resource beyond the needs of educational and parental support. I am so glad you are a part of our community here at Passages and I hope to one day connect with you one way or another. If you believe Home Visiting may benefit a family who is struggling with the daily demands of at-home learning, please share about this program and reach out to us!

If our home learning and family outreach program is something you would like to learn more about, please reach out. -Ms. Megan


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